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Ron Harris Music

Ron Harris Music is one of five music publishing companies owned by Ron Harris:

Ron Harris Music (ASCAP), Arna Valley Music (BMI), and Jolica Music (SESAC) are in the business of acquiring and developing copyrights. Ron Harris Publications and Woodland Music Press are in the print music business, with national distribution by Carl Fischer, LLC. Our best known copyrights are: In This Very Room, They Could Not, The Gift Goes On, Slow Down, What A Mighty God We Serve, and In The Shadow Of Your Wings. Our best-selling instrumental collections are: Quiet-Time Piano, The Faithful (instrumentalist), and Folk Songs For (instrument). We also sell harp music and sheet music.



Licenses:  ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC are performing rights organizations.  They license the public performance of our copyrights. In addition, certain church or church-related uses are licensed by CCLI, Church Copyright Licensing International. We do issue our own mechanical and synchronization licenses.  However, even beyond that, there will be times when a use is so unique and limited that we may grant a free license by means of a simple Emailed permission.


Our print music is distributed by Carl Fischer, LLC.  





Contact all five companies at a single Email address, street address and phone number in the Pacific Time Zone:



(818) 591-1084

22643 Paul Revere Drive

Calabasas, CA 91302-4811









REQUEST:  We prefer that mechanical and print license requests be made by Email, so that both parties will have a record of both sides of all communications.